Buddhist Hells

Episode 21: Screaming and Crushing in Four Buddhist Hells

The first of two podcasts this month, Episode 21: Screaming and Crushing in Four Buddhist Hells, is just about that, four of the eight Buddhist Hot Hells. Come listen to what happens when you kill a mosquito, commit mutiny, or convince your drunken friend to do your evil bidding.

Also, you don’t want to lie, lest an oni pull your tongue out with red hot pliers. Look. That’s what it says right up there.

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Intro/Outro music and music bed by Julyan Ray Matsuura. Here and here. And here.

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4 Responses

    1. Thank you, J! I’m freaking out at the moment. I just realized my latest podcast didn’t get uploaded to iTunes. I noticed the numbers were really, really off this month. Now I know why. But why??!!

  1. This one kind of unnerved me because I had just finished watching a documentary about the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015. It made me wonder how many of those people were alive in the rubble and, because they had maybe not all their sensory stimulus, thought that they were in a portion of the Buddhist hell.

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