Night Crying Rock

The Rock That Cries at Night (younaki ishi) (Ep. 36)

A rock that gets weepy when the sun goes down, a pregnant woman slain alone in the mountains, a newborn baby visited by a ghostly priest who feds him candy to stay alive. These are all parts of this month’s podcast: The Rock The Cries at Night (Yonaki Ishi). In this episode, I visit a local spot (one of the Enshu Nanafushigi / Seven Mysterious Things of Enshu).

Come listen to me tell the tale while I sit by some rain, thunder, and an ambitious frog.

It’s a wonderful old legend, but can you find the big question (plot hole?) that I discovered when I researched and retold the story?

One of the two Yonaki Ishi

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Intro/Outro music by Julyan Ray Matsuura. Here and here. And here.

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