Episode 9: Obon Part Two-Sending Away Fires (Okuribi)

Episode 9: Obon Part Two-Sending Away Fires (Okuribi)

This month’s podcast is Obon Part Two, the time when you have to send ol’ grandma and grandpa back to the World of the Dead. There are various ways of doing this. I talk about two, the chill, mellow way and the flinging-balls-of-fire-into-the-air way.

Above and below are photos of my local okuribi – sending away fires.


Notes: The intro/outro music of Uncanny Japan is a piece by Christiaan Virant (“Yi Gui” from Ting Shuo).  The whole album is just gorgeous as it everything else by FM3.

Thank you for listening. Uncanny Japan is me, Thersa Matsuura (author). If you’d like to help support the podcast and even get your own creepy bedtime story sent to you monthly, check me out on Patreon.

6 thoughts on “Episode 9: Obon Part Two-Sending Away Fires (Okuribi)

  1. Hello Thersa,

    Read about your work on boing.
    Would like to help you out with the podcast production.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


    1. Varun, Thank you so much for listening and I agree on the production (>_<). I believe I have someone board now to help me out. But I'll keep you in mind if I need your skills. Thanks again!

  2. I really enjoy this podcast! I think my introduction to yokai and similar was through a movie called Yokai Wars and much later, through Michael Dylan Foster’s book *Pandemonium And Parade.* I just bought one of your books tonight and have to tell you, please maintain the bin-aural recording. I listened to all of your podcasts today and the frog season was IN MY HEAD! The motorcycle passing freaked me out because it sounded like it was there with me. I look forward to reading your books and hearing more podcasts.

    1. I remember Yokai Wars and I also have Pandemonium and Parade, love both. Thank you so much for listening. Aren’t frogs lovely? My “other” favorite season is coming up soon. CRICKET season! I just adore the whirrs and chirrs of night insects. Oh, oh! And thank you for buying one of the books, too. That means a lot to me. ^^d

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