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Episode 29: The Devils are Coming! (Setsubun)

Episode 29: The Devils are Coming! (Setsubun)

The devils are coming! Or the ogres or demons, depending on how you translate the Japanese word oni (鬼). February 3rd is Setsubun in Japan and it’s not just the day before spring according to the lunar calendar, it’s also the day that oni prowl the streets and children must pelt them roasted soybeans to insure good luck for the coming year. In this episode of Uncanny Japan, I talk about Setsubun and the various ways it’s celebrated.

Eho-maki Sushi for Good Luck!

This years good luck direction to face when eating your eho-maki is east northeast.

Notes: Intro/Outro music by Julyan Ray Matsuura. Here and here. And here.